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Is HeraBEAT safe to use as much as I want?
HeraBEAT should be used according to your care team’s instructions. It is a CE marked medical device for use in home and healthcare settings. HeraBEAT has been subject to rigorous testing and assessment to ensure that it fully complies with all applicable regulatory standards and requirements. HeraBEAT is a CE Marked medical device and it has been used by pregnant women in Europe, USA, Israel and Australia.
Is HeraBEAT safe for use?
HeraBEAT is safe to use as part of a clinically supervised care plan. HeraBEAT is a CE Marked medical device which meets all applicable safety and other regulatory standards of a medical device. HeraBEAT is approved for marketing in Europe, USA, Israel and Australia.
When can I start using HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT has gone through rigorous testing and can be used as early as week 12. Due to several physiological aspects of the pregnancy however, such as baby size, placenta position and others, it can in some cases, be challenging to locate the baby’s heartbeat and more difficult to maintain stability. As the pregnancy progresses, and towards week 18 the device becomes easier to use.
What are doctors saying about HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT has been designed to reassure expectant mothers from the comfort of their own home. HeraBEAT has been developed in collaboration with leading OB GYN experts to make sure it meets the medical standards of ultrasound dopplers. Doctors who have tested HeraBEAT have confirmed its accuracy and recognise the value of home monitoring as a reassurance throughout the pregnancy experience. Read more about what doctors are saying here.
How does HeraBEAT compare with hospital monitoring?
HeraBEAT is not a substitute for hospital monitoring, it does however provide the ability for the hospital (your doctor and clinical care team) to receive accurate information from the convenience of your own home. HeraBEAT enables remote clinical management of your pregnancy as part of your personal clinical care plan.
Which regulatory certificates does HeraBEAT comply with?
HeraBEAT has been assessed by the British Standards Institute, a European Notified Body, and was subsequently given the prestigious CE Mark for medical devices. The CE Mark on a medical device is internationally recognised and accepted by authorities in many countries around the world. HeraBEAT is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG no. 311986).
Which smartphones are supported by the HeraBEAT app?
For iOS smart devices, HeraBEAT is supported by iOS 11 and up. For Android smart devices, HeraBEAT is supported by Android 6 and up, with BLE Bluetooth chip 4 and up.
HeraBEAT is not supported by smartphones that have been on the market for over 3 years.
The easiest way to check if HeraBEAT works on your smart device is by trying to download the app. If you’ve successfully downloaded it, HeraBEAT will work on your device.
What does the HeraBEAT kit include?
The HeraBEAT kit includes:
1 HeraBEAT device
1 Power supply
2 Ultrasound gel tubes (60 ml)
1 Carry case
1 User manual
The HeraBEAT app must be downloaded onto your smartphone in order to operate the device.
Is the HeraBEAT monitor easy to use or do I need training?
Yes. The HeraBEAT monitor is easy to use and you don’t need any prior knowledge about foetal heart rate monitors. Although the device is very intuitive, you will be provided with training materials and instructions from your doctor and clinical care team. Moreover, for the first few times of using the device, the app will guide you on each step from applying the gel, to manoeuvring the device until you hear the heartbeat.
Are there any tutorial videos to help me operate the device?
Yes. We have several instructional videos. You can watch them here.
Can I save a recording of my baby’s fetal heartbeat?
Yes. Recordings of your baby’s heartbeat are automatically saved locally in the app and you can share them with your doctor, family and friends. You’ll find the recordings on the results screen and can access them via the history screen.
What technology does HeraBEAT use?
HeraBEAT combines an ultrasound doppler for measuring the fetal heart rate,
with an optical sensor for measuring the maternal heart rate. It uses both to distinguish between the maternal and the fetal heart rates. It also includes a motion sensor to detect device movements during measurements. Read more about the technology here.
How can I obtain more gel?
Please contact your local distributor for additional gel tubes.
What is your return policy? Does HeraBEAT have a warranty?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Read our return policy here. HeraBEAT’s limited warranty is for a period of two years from purchase.
Can anyone use HeraBEAT?
HeraBEAT is indicated for use in normal pregnancies starting from the 12th week, while maintaining the below restrictions.

HeraBEAT device is not intended for:
Use during defibrillation
Use during ECG measurements
Use in the shower or underwater
Use on patients connected to external electrical stimulators or cardiac pacemakers.
Fetal heart rate measurements in multiple pregnancies (twins or more).

What’s the size of the HeraBEAT device?
The HeraBEAT device is about the size of a computer mouse, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
Do I need to charge HeraBEAT before using it for the first time?
Before using HeraBEAT for the first time we recommended charging it for 4 hours until fully charged (a green light will appear).
How would I know when to recharge?
While using HeraBEAT- the app will pop up a message about 30 minutes before battery empties saying “low battery, please recharge”.
When the battery is empty- the device will be turned off after blinking 3 times.
Regularly it is recommended to fully charge the HeraBEAT once a week (A green light will indicate that)
Why does HeraBEAT use ultrasound gel?
The ultrasound gel is water-based and helps transfer the ultrasound signals that enable the measurement.
How much gel should I use?
The recommended amount of gel is a stripe about the length of your little finger, applied to the bottom of the device’s surface. when rubbed on your skin – it should create a thin and even layer. During measurements, you may be asked to apply more gel to make sure the device is constantly used with a thin layer of gel on it.
Why does moving, and talking while using HeraBEAT interrupt the measurement?
HeraBEAT is a very sensitive device, so every background noise or movement might interrupt with the baby’s heartbeat signal input. Make sure to minimise movements and refrain from talking during the measurement.
Can I use HeraBEAT close to having a meal?
We recommend performing measurements at least 2 hours after eating before performing a measurement to minimise digestive activity.
What is the recommended position for performing a measurement?
The recommended position is half sitting comfortably, having both hands free to use both your phone and holding the HeraBEAT device steadily on your belly.
You should feel as relaxed as possible to enjoy the experience.
How long does it take to find the fetal heartbeat?
Finding your baby’s heartbeat should take no more than a few minutes. Please be patient and follow the guided search instructions to optimize this. As you progress through pregnancy the search will grow shorter and be easier.
Why is it recommended to use the guided search?
The guided search mode within the app is programmed to guide you according to the week of your pregnancy. It takes into account the estimated height of the uterus, and as a result the estimated location of the fetus.
The search mode includes a real-time indicator that will fill up when the algorithm has found the heartbeat.
Why is there a manual search mode?
The manual search mode appears in the app after three initial measurements. The manual search mode will allow you to decide where to position HeraBEAT. Normally, in advanced weeks of pregnancy – baby’s movements will indicate its location and hint on the possible area for searching.
May I share the recorded measurement?
Yes, you may share the experience with your loved ones and are always able to send the measurements to your care provider.
How should the device be held on the belly?
The HeraBEAT device should be pressed gently against the skin with the bottom surface fully touching the belly. During the measurement in every position try and hold steady, without shaking or tilting the device.
Why does the app show different searches for different weeks of pregnancy?
As the pregnancy progresses the fetus grows, and the uterus location rises from the bottom of the pelvic cavity to filling all the belly area. The app follows that progression and modifies the search area accordingly.
Where does the name HeraBEAT come from?
The name HeraBEAT is a combination of two words:
Hera; the goddess of marriage and family from Greek mythology, and Beat; the beat of life – representing the baby’s heartbeat.
Can I receive any customer support assistance?
Yes. We have a dedicated customer support team to help you with HeraBEAT. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. We have several tutorial videos and a collection of FAQs to provide you with the best possible experience using HeraBEAT.
I am having difficulty finding my baby’s heartbeat - what should I do?
HeraBEAT is an advanced fetal heart rate monitor that provides accurate and reliable measurements as long as it is used following the instructions and within the given limitations.
The device is not intended to replace a full medical test by a physician or a nurse.
In case of any doubt or concern, we recommend seeking proper medical assistance.
For more information, tips and reminders on finding your baby’s heartbeat please watch the video in the following link.
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