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HeraCARE™ is a digital pregnancy monitoring platform, which is based on a variety of digital health solutions for maternity care management.

The platform is designed and based on clinical research, interweaving state-of-the-art technological procedures which accurately monitor all stages of pregnancy. These systems track and collate the pregnant woman’s blood pressure, urine, weight, activity as well as the fetal heart rate with the HeraBEAT device.

HeraCARE™ aims to improve prenatal and postnatal care by empowering expectant mothers and their support circle to engage in a collaborative process designed to manage the medical, social and emotional aspects of maternity care.


The HeraCARE™ platform contains a professional dashboard enabling real-time, data driven support providing connected care and secured communication channels.


HeraCARE enables a high-tech, high-touch maternity care hybrid model, which operates as a holistic pregnancy monitoring system, empowering expectant parents with information and data, whilst your healthcare providers manage all medical aspects of the pregnancy as the collected data can be monitored efficiently and accurately.


The platform allows:

  Home Measurements – set of connected, digital health tools optimised for simple home use, providing a comprehensive pregnancy health trend base analysis.

  Lifestyle Guidance -rich, personalised knowledge library: articles, blogs, vlogs and controlled access to the most recent and accurate information.

  Pregnancy Management – simple to follow daily tasks optimise the user’s adherence to the tasks, that are integrated with reminders and incentives.

  Midwife Support – empathetic interaction and human intervention when needed empowered by accurate, relevant and updated patient data.

. Social Network – community sharing and support providing an ongoing reinforcement network relieving stress and anxiety.


The HeraCARE Platform

Designed Based On Clinical Research, the HeraCARE platform allows care givers access to all patient’s different data sources, including tests resluts and key measurements through all pregnancy monitoring stages.

Care Manager Dashboard

A professional dashboard enabling real-time data driven decision support providing connected care and secured communication channels.

Key Features:


  • Tracking of Usage/ adherence
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Personalized patient management
  • Monitoring of remote measurements
  • Synchronic and a-Synchronic Communication
  • Protocols and Guidelines

HeraCARE’s maternity care hybrid model

HeraCARE is built on 3 fundamental pillars:


interactive contentInteractive Content – Pregnancy education via content quizzes and other interactive formats per relevant weeks.

supervised self tracking Supervised Self-Trackig (Using HeraBEAT Heart Rate Monitor and sharing the results with the treating physician through health care provider) through-out the 40 weeks of pregnancy, of key measurements in addition to heart-rate, like weight, blood pressure, proteinuria / UTI, mood, physical activity, nutrition, etc.).


personalized relationship1personalized relationship2 Personalized Relationships – Constant connection with treating physician through the health care provider.


Collaborations & Evaluations:

We are currently conducting HeraCARE™ evaluations with several health care providers across the country. We provide them with a platform that helps both the patient and doctor to easily communicate, make decisions and manage the pregnancy in the best possible way from a distance, without having to schedule appointments and come over for routine checkups each time.

Our latest collaboration is performed along with Joondalup Health Campus – an evaluation of the clinical utility and acceptability of HeraBEAT device among physicians and mothers to be.

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