Our Story: Developing Pregnancy Monitoring Products for Home Use

Our Story

HeraBEAT is a fetal heart rate monitor created by HeraMED, a technology startup developing pregnancy monitoring products for home use. Our story starts with David Groberman, CEO and Co-Founder of HeraMED when, in 2011 he and his wife Odelia (today happy parents to three healthy children) experienced first-hand the uncertainty many pregnant couples face when a concern for their unborn baby arises.

The couple and their two children were happily awaiting the arrival of their third child when one evening Odelia realised she hadn’t felt the baby move all day. After attempting all the well-known tricks of lying on her left, eating something sweet and walking around, they were still concerned so decided to head to the E.R.

It took hours – driving to the hospital, parking, going through paperwork and answering many questions before finally, being put on the heart rate monitor. After a long wait, the doctors finally got round to looking at the monitor results and immediately declared that the baby was fine. The relieved couple packed up their belongings and went home.

It was this night that inspired David to create HeraBEAT™, a smartphone-based home fetal heart rate monitor. The idea was for parents to receive the much needed reassurance about their baby anytime, anywhere. Having listened carefully to parents’ pregnancy experiences, HeraBEAT sets out to transform the moments of uncertainty into positive ones, and to create heartfelt memories that last a lifetime.