Frequently Asked Questions about HeraBEAT Fetal Doppler


HeraBEAT empowers you to locate and track the fetal heartbeat. However, we understand that at times pregnancy can be overwhelming and sometimes worrying, remember to reach out to your care team if you have any doubts or concerns.

Whilst the device provides an accurate fetal heart rate, it is advised to consult with your care team to back you up, refer you on, or answer any questions that you may have regarding the device or its application.


Video Tutorials

These videos will guide you through each step of using the HeraBEAT app along with the monitor. Find a comfortable spot and enjoy the special moment with your bump.

  • Tutorial 1

    Setup & Connection of HeraBEAT

    • Downloading The HeraBEAT App
    • Enabling Bluetooth
    • Details For Guided Search
    • Turning On The Device
    • Connecting To HeraBEAT

  • Tutorial 2

    Finding & Monitoring your baby’s heartbeat

    • General Do’s & Don’ts
    • The Guided Search
    • The Result Screen
    • Hearing The Recording
    • Sharing Measurements

User Manual

The user manual is a great place to start before using HeraBEAT. You're always welcome to pay us a visit for updates and additions to the user manual.

Rev 15.

User Manual HeraBEAT

Our user manual has been written and designed to guide you through using HeraBEAT with everything you need to know about the device and the app.

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