Pregnancy and COVID-19 some helpful tips

Tips and tools for challenging times

As we retreat back into lockdown, it is fair to say that COVID-19 has been challenging for all, consistently testing our positivity metre. Esther Perel tells us that it is important to complain to help us through the trials and tribulations of life. However, being pregnant in these times can cause extreme anxiety and high levels of your stress hormone (cortisol) to be released. Isolation from loved ones, monetary issues and more can all be valid reasons, adding to the reasons that one may feel. To help combat the negative thoughts from dominating, let’s discuss some tools and ideas that can help you keep positive and contented through these tough times.


The day-to-day grind and distraction (especially if you live in a city) may make it harder to adjust to slowing down. However, COVID may very well be the unique situation that helps you to sit, relax, and connect with your baby. You may want to use your HeraBEAT device for a few minutes each day to listen in and connect with baby, reminding you of the excitement of a new life that you have to look forward to.


Studies have overwhelmingly shown the benefits of bringing guided meditation into your daily routine to help ease anxiety and stress, helping you centre in and focus on the amazing life growing inside of you. Another local mama, yogi and soon-to-be Chinese medicine practitioner, Monica Aurora has put together online resources and videos for prenatal yoga, as well as yin classes (see link below).


Another tip to help you stay positive is the practice of daily gratitude- each day, write down 3 things that you are thankful for in your life. This can be done in the morning when you wake, or you may choose to close your day with this practice. If you can watch the sunset or be in nature when you do so, this can help to make the experience all the more powerful. However, whether you are in lockdown or can steal some time away from the home to be in nature, this small practice may help to subconsciously plant a little seed of positivity.


If this is your first baby, now is a great time to connect online via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and alike video networking options. As well as chatting with friends, it is a great opportunity to attend childbirth education classes in the most sociable way available without having to physically be in a group setting. The amazing team of midwives at Body to Baby have created unique, online classes covering all topics. This is not your typical hospital prenatal education class! You may also choose to participate in the world-renowned Hypnobirthing Australia online classes, that will prepare you and your partner for a most positive and empowering labour and birth experience. These activities will also help you and your partner connect, spend time and learn together.


If you have other kids, use this time as a bonding experience. Yes, you may be living on top of each other and have no other option but to be in each other’s company. However, the trick is to try to make these moments count with creative activities that may even help you reconnect with your inner child again and to see the lighter side of life – a welcomed break from the heaviness of today. There are some fantastic free or budget activities that are fun for all. Getting the kids and partner involved in painting your belly and doing a photoshoot together can be a fun, creative and inclusive activity, with lots of laughs that are sure to be had.


Planting seedlings or new flowers in the garden, involves the young ones, and is also proven to be therapeutic for all ages (yes, there is such thing as horticulture therapy!). You can include the kids in the day-to-day chores that are helpful, task-driven and therefore routine forming. For example, washing the dog, washing the car, painting your bins.

Support local and get in on the activities offered for the family. A wonderful example, is the work of psychotherapist Tyger-Lee Baise, who specialises in parenting, attachment and narrative therapy. She has worked mainly with children throughout her career and has developed a website and resource hub, grouped into different ages (see link below to explore or purchase).


As an old Chinese proverb tells us, ‘’The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials’’, these challenging times will hopefully also be used to grow and learn about ourselves, our loved ones and about the amazing miracle of life….

Remember….  YOU GOT THIS MAMA!


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